Hi. I'm Sarah, the photographer behind Sarah Kelber Photography, offering child and family portrait services and more in and around Salem, Oregon.

I got my first camera for Christmas in the second grade. The pictures I made with it -- square and now discolored around the edges with age -- almost call to mind Instagram. But I'm old enough that it took disposable flash bars, so it called attention to itself, and offered very little control. Not so Instagrammy after all.

Thankfully, times and technology have changed, but my passion for taking pictures hasn't. I'm happiest behind the lens, finding gorgeous light and capturing moments of true personality among children, families, adults and more. There's nothing more satisfying than coaxing a smile from a child -- or a smirk, a coy glance, or whatever is truest to his or her character. But getting a grownup to put her best face forward for a headshot or a family to relax and interact so I can record those instants forever is pretty high up on the list, too.

I've spent more than 15 years as a newspaper editor and writer, and I've learned a thing or two about storytelling along the way. That's my goal at Sarah Kelber Photography: to tell your family's story.

Email me at kelberphoto@gmail.com or call me at 503-383-9764 to learn more.