What other clients have to say about working with Sarah Kelber Photography:

Tara B.:

"Sarah came to my home a few years ago to take pictures of me, my husband, and our then-six-month-old son. We had no idea what to expect. Our townhouse was packed with toys and baby paraphernalia, and everything was a mess. I was frazzled, and just before I opened the door, I noticed I had a stain on my shirt. In other words, we were not camera-ready. But Sarah quickly put us at ease, and within a short amount of time, she was snapping away. She charmed even the baby, who was generally suspicious of all strangers. And within a few days, we had these absolutely gorgeous photos that somehow captured the essence of our family. We got one of our favorites from that session made into a canvas, which now hangs above our fireplace. I look at it every day and marvel at how quickly my baby is growing up, and remember how much fun it was to capture us at home, in our element, with the newest member of our family. Sarah is an incredibly talented photographer who will delight you with what she captures in her shots. You should hire her immediately!"

Katy C.:

"Sarah has done three photography shoots for me -- a maternity shoot, and my son's newborn and one-year-old shoot. I was angling for her to do a 3 1/2-year-old shoot too, but she had to move before that was possible. Sarah is everything you could want in a photographer -- the images she will create for you are beautiful, charming, and warm, and there is also a nice variety in them. Just as important, she has a warm, friendly demeanor that puts everyone at ease instantly, including the little ones, who love her and respond very well to her. I have received so many compliments on the photos that Sarah took of my family, and I liked her and her work so much that I asked her back again and again. Now the East Coast's loss can be the West Coast's gain."

Belle W.:

"Far more fun than going to a generic portrait session, working with Sarah was a treat from start to finish.  We're not models or actors who regularly pose and look somehow natural while doing it, but somehow she managed to get pictures that I still love looking at months and years later.  Photos of the three of us looking happy, not staged, enjoying our time together, which after all is the whole point, right?  While I wouldn't call her the Baby Whisperer (since I think someone may have trademarked that already), I will say that as a mom she knows the best ways to pry a smile out of babies, toddlers, and even big kids.  We live 3,000 miles from most of our family so being able to share memories through photos is priceless to us.  Sarah will make sure you get wonderful prints that will translate joy beyond geographic boundaries and let you share these moments with your loved ones."

Becky K.:

"I have never been a big fan of obviously posed family photos.  You can just hear the photographer saying, 'Tilt your head to the left, now down.  Move your third finger slightly to the right.'  I never wanted those type of photos for my family.  I reached out to Sarah after I saw some of her photos from our social gatherings.  They were incredible.  Totally captured moments and yet had perfect quality.  I asked her if she would do a family session at a local park.  Well, that one session became a yearly fall ritual for the next four years.  Sarah was flexible with scheduling and however we wanted to approach the session.  We usually brought a "prop" to keep our son occupied, but also to add a special element to each year as he grew.  She was patient and likely took a million pictures so we always ended up with many awesome ones to choose from.  The end result was of very high quality and yet so affordable.  We definitely will miss having her take our family's photos this fall, but our loss is Oregon's gain."

Charlene H:

"We loved working with Sarah!  She did two sessions with us -- one when our daughter was about 10 weeks old and a second when she was 9 months. Sarah was very flexible, reasonably priced, and we love the photos she took of our family (including our dog)!  Being able to choose the location for the shoots made for a much more personalized experience and unique photos than what we would have gotten from a generic portrait studio."

Heather W.:

"Sarah made getting my newborn's baby pictures really easy.  She came to the house, brought some cute back drops, and was reasonably priced.  We loved our photos."